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California Physician’s Legal Handbook updated for 2019

An invaluable resource unlike any other, CPLH is the premier California health law publication comprehensive legal information, including current laws, regulations and court decisions related to the practice of medicine

OMSS: Save the date for CMA’s 2019 annual meeting

The CMA Organized Medical Staff Section, along with representation from other CMA delegations, forums and sections propose Major Issue topics for consideration and approval by the CMA Board of Trustees. 

Renew your OMSS membership today

The CMA Organized Medical Staff Section represents California medical staffs and advocates for strong medical staff self-governance and quality patient care. 

2019 Q3 resolutions now accepting testimony

The deadline for fourth quarter resolution submissions is July 15, 2019.

OMSS Assembly: Your voice in CMA

The CMA  Organized Medical Staff Section  held its 2018 Annual Assembly on Friday, October 12, 2018, in Sacramento, immediately prior to the CMA House of Delegates.

CMA continues to challenge Anthem modifier 25 policy

CMA is very concerned with the adverse impacts of this new policy upon our physician members and has been in continued dialogue with Anthem regarding our concerns.

New law requires regulator to review physician complaints of unfair payment patterns

Effective July 1, 2019, DMHC will be required to annually review complaints filed by providers who believe a plan is engaging in an unfair payment pattern.

CMA to survey physicians on death penalty

The survey will include questions on the death penalty to ensure that CMA policy is in line with the views of physicians across the state.

Some physician groups may be required to obtain a Knox Keene license

DMHC recently adopted a regulation that requires entities that assume any amount of global risk to either obtain a license under the Knox-Keene Act or receive an exemption from DMHC.

HHS announces new primary care delivery and payment models

The HHS recently unveiled five new voluntary Medicare primary care payment models.

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